Interaction: 'Samhandling' Under Risk: A Step Ahead of the Unforeseen

How can we as a society prepare ourselves for the unforeseen, the events and threats at the outer reaches of what wehave trained for? The authors of Interaction: ‘Samhandling’ Under Risk elucidate new views on emergency management and understanding the unforeseen in society and learning processes by introducing the concept of ‘samhandling’, a Norwegian term that connotes interaction, collaboration and cooperation in one word.

The book challenges traditional perceptions of ‘samhandling’ and new models are introduced with the questions: What are the basic structures of the concept of interaction under risk? How can interaction be created when conditions are unpredictable?

Forfatter Glenn-Egil Torgersen (ed.)
Forlag Cappelen Damm Akademisk / NOASP
År 2018
Sider 551
Pris 0 kr.
ISBN 978-82-02-53502-5
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