Advanced Management program

The advanced management level builds on the foundations of the basic management training, which we recommend that you complete before starting the advanced management level. The focus is on building the ability to manage staff sustainably, create results through work satisfaction, commitment and well-being, taking your integrity as the manager as a point of departure.

The advanced management level is an exciting, highly practice-based and relevant program, which gives you the tools for becoming an even better and up-to-date manager and leader of your staff members. A management training program is a good investment for you and your employer. Good management and leadership creates a higher level of well-being, less absence due to illness, more commitment, efficiency and effectiveness, as well as an improved bottom line.

Pris 1.392 kr. / 4.813 kr. kr.
Start dato: 01. november 2021
Slut dato: 19. januar 2022
Start dato: 14. marts 2022
Slut dato: 11. maj 2022
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