Basic management

Our Basic Management Program offers essential management training to new, aspiring or experienced managers who wish to develop their skills and expand their knowledge within the field of leadership. Management training is a great investment both for you and your employer. You’ll return a more skillful and competent manager or manager candidate which will benefit your workplace and help you handle daily management tasks and issues in a better and more efficient way. On top of that, the management training provides you with knowledge and experience that will help you achieve your long term career goals. Our Basic Management Program is designed for those who want to receive practical management training and a versatile array of tools to use in day-to-day management. The goal is to develop your professional and personal management skills.

You will achieve a significant strengthening of your management skills through this course, personally and professionally. The gains will be achieved through a development borne by close cooperation with your instructor and your fellow trainees on the course through sparring and dialogue. The basic management training course aims to enable you to return to your enterprise and apply immediately what you have learned. Good management is important for you, your staff and your enterprise alike. The ability to apply tools for good management strengthens your own personal development and your leadership development, as well as the motivation of your staff and the productivity of your enterprise. The development of your management skills and competence is therefore a good investment, both for your employer and for yourself.

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Start dato 07. februar 2022
Slut dato 15. juni 2022
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Arrangør Niels Brock
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