About Væksthuset in English

The Management Hothouse is a unique partnership between Danish trade unions and public sector employers. Public employers are represented by Local Government Denmark (KL) and Danish Regions, while the majority of employees in Danish regions and municipalities are represented by Forhandlingsfællesskabet.

Our aim is to promote good management and leadership in Danish municipalities and regions. We gather, develop and share knowledge on best management practice, putting first-rate public leadership on the agenda throughout the Danish public sector.

The collaboration between employers and employee organisations in the public sector ensures that important knowledge from both parties is pooled and used to find a shared response to the specific challenges that confront managers in the public sector on a daily basis.

The Management Hothouse aims to:

  • Ensure that the debate on management and leadership in municipalities and regions is focused and methodical. This involves developing management as an independent, professional topic. Create a forum for discussing the workplace and work forms of the future.
  • Create a development platform that can exist alongside the negotiating platform, to stimulate collaboration in municipalities and regions.
  • Establish specific test and development projects that assess new approaches to management, leadership and collaboration.
  • Communicate and promote the collaborating partners’ progress in public management and leadership.

The Management Hothouse cultivates good public sector management at all levels – from the head of the local day care centre to the mayor; from the hospital manager to the regional executive manager. Through specific projects, we generate new knowledge that translates into better management and leadership throughout the Danish public sector.

The Management Hothouse has divided its activities between a board and three network groups. Each group represents one of the following management levels:

  • Hothouse 1: Executive management – e.g. general and administrative managers
  • Hothouse 2: Middle management – e.g. area managers and chiefs of staff
  • Hothouse 3: Heads of public institutions – e.g. hospital matrons, senior medical consultants, headmasters, nursing home managers, etc.

The Management Hothouse also runs an online platform, lederweb.dk, where managers can get free articles and updates on the latest research and tools for use in municipal and regional management. So far, this is the most visited site on public management in Denmark.

Find more information about The Management Hothouse and its projects in the publication “The Management Hothouse”.